About Us

Awaken Jamaica was founded in early 2016 with 2 missions in mind: 1) To bring fair wage incomes to Jamaican citizens who often get paid the equivalent of $50 US dollars for a 40+ hour work week. We strive to hire as many Jamaican workers as our business will allow and ensure that they receive a comfortable, fair wage for the expensive cost of living in Jamaica; and 2) To utilize some of the wonderful, natural essential oils and herbs found in Jamaica to create a full line of skin care products and share them with the world.

Awaken Jamaica was founded by Stephen Barnhill, Jr, an American born in Savannah, GA who relocated to Jamaica after falling in love with the island and it’s welcoming people and Anthony Campbell, a Jamaican born, professionally trained massage therapist and herbalist who has made his life's work to bring his knowledge of healing massage and natural skin care to the world. Together, they strive to make the best, most natural products possible so that the world can experience why many refer to Jamaica as the worlds “Garden of Eden”.

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